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is a free clothing resource for trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming youth and adults in Evansville, IN and surrounding areas.

Nice clothes can be hard to find, especially as someone who's transgender, nonbinary, or gender non-conforming. For many folks, shopping on the "wrong" side of the store is intimidating,  and others don't have money or time to spend buying clothing. That's why the Rainbow Jacket Project is here to help: because everyone should have access to clothing that accurately reflects their gender identity and presentation. 

The Rainbow Jacket Project is located at 314 Southeast Riverside Drive in Evansville, Indiana, in the Annex building of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.  Our goal is to create a safe and affirming space for queer people while providing access to gender-affirming clothing and accessories.  Click here for more info about who we are and what we're doing, including a list of events, downloadable flyers, and a sizing chart for our binders.

The Rainbow Jacket Project is open by appointment only. Contact us here or via social media to book a time and date. 

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